Tips for pot maintenance

1. Before using the new pot, add some white vinegar or lemon juice to the pot and heat it until the pot is hot, then pour it out and wash it with clean water. This eliminates the engine oil that is used for the production of the cooker.

2. If you do not care for a long time empty cooker, should first turn off the fire, let the cooker on the stove slowly cooling, do not immediately flush with cold water, otherwise easy to cause deformation of the bottom of the pot.

3, do not add solid salt in the empty pot, so as not to corrode the bottom of stainless steel pot, and cause the pit which is difficult to remove.

4. Daily cleaning should use special cleaning agent, cleaning with soft cloth, excellent tools will scratch the surface of stainless steel, leaving scratches.

5. High-quality pots and pans are basically applicable to any stove, natural gas and gas firepower is strong, generally cooking with moderate heat can be.