Management idea

Innovation and development work happy

Innovation and development, constantly looking for the source of innovation, and constantly improve the innovation mechanism, and constantly review innovative achievements, causes the enterprise to sustainable development.

Happy work: only happy employees, customers will be happy, only the customer happy, enterprise will be happy.

Enterprise mission

To become a kind to enjoy cooking with safety, environmental protection, art, convenient kitchen utensils and appliances, construction of fashion, taste life.


Become a global cooker brand leader through the product innovation, management innovation, and constantly develop the market, leading the trend of The Times.

Management policy

People-oriented integrity management based on the Chinese around the world

Management policy

On to honour and to be close to and internal and external to circle

The policy

Modest and polite gratitude learning

Quality policy

Exceed customer expectations, leading the industry standard

Environmental policy

Energy saving and consumption reduction and recycling spare resources, protect the earth, do environmental friendly enterprise.

Job requirements

In a planned way has the ability to play have progress

Cost consciousness

Thrift is rich, the cost is the source of profits

Action declaration

Sincere, solidarity, mutual assistance and cooperation